*** Note: Green colored names have stats ***
Name Day of the Week Time of Day League President
Elmwood League Monday 1:00 pm
International 2019 Monday 1:00 pm
Teacher’s League Monday 6:30 pm
Rocking Bowler’s League Monday 7:00 pm
CN Morning League Tuesday 9:00 am
Fairlane’s Belle’s League Tuesday 9:00 am
Golden Jet’s League Tuesday 1:00 pm
Y Ladies’ League Tuesday 1:00 pm
Tuesday Night Men’s League Tuesday 6:45 pm
Church League Tuesday 7:00 pm
Domestic Engineer’s League Wednesday 9:00 am
L.T.B. League Wednesday 9:00 am
N.D.P. League Wednesday 1:00 pm
CNR Mixed League Wednesday 6:30 pm
Victory League Wednesday 6:30 pm
Eaton’s League Thursday 9:00 am
All for One League Thursday 9:30 am
Thursday Morning Ladies’ League Thursday 9:30 am
Golden Ager’s League Thursday 1:00 pm
C.E.I.C. League Thursday 6:30 pm
Thursday Night Mixed League Thursday 6:30 pm
Moosehead Thursday Night Triple’s League Thursday 8:00 pm
Steeves Hillside Ladies’ League Friday 9:00 am
Senior Retired Men’s League Friday 12:00 pm
AYB (Atlantic Youth Bowling) League Saturday 10:00 am
Special Olympics League Saturday 3:00 pm
All Star League Sunday 10:30 am
Interclub League Sunday 11:30 am
Moncton Deaf Bowling League Sunday 2:00 pm
Dandy Long Lanes League Sunday 6:30 pm
Late Nighter’s League Sunday 7:00 pm

Moncton Fairlanes Bowling Center
936 Mountain Road Moncton, NB E1C 2S2

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